Friday, January 22, 2010

A post for postings sake?

I haven't posted in a week or so, so I feel like I should include some type of update, but I just really don't feel much like posting.

I had a phone interview yesterday with a company in Burlington, VT. It went ok I guess. It's hard to say. If I make it to the next round, I'll hear from them by EOD Tuesday. Round two will be a face to face interview in VT. If I make it, I hope they're willing to pay for my flight and stay up there; otherwise I'll have to pass. I simply can't afford fly up there myself. I figure if they're not willing to spring for the cost, the chances of me getting the position are slim.

I got a call earlier in the week from another recruiting firm asking if I'd be interested in a position with the VA. I told them I was and now I'm just hoping to hear from them. Going to a job fair on Monday. Hope something comes out of that too. Also have to take the postal service test on monday as well. Carriers make pretty good money to start and the benefits are pretty good too. 

Did a little but of work on the bathroom today as well. I've been an absolute asshole about getting that done and I need to knock it out. Beth is off all weekend so, she'll be able to keep an eye on Jack and I can get some more done on it. I'd love to be able to complete this very soon and get that particular monkey off my back. Lord knows I've got enough other ones back there. It's my own doing, of course. Lack of confidence in my skills, laziness, what have you. In short, I suck. A lot. I'm trying to suck less, but since I suck, I'm doing a pretty shitty job of it. Just ask Beth. 

I don't know where I'm going with this. I'm probably just throwing myself a pity party, but it doesn't change how crappy I feel. Pretty much all the time. But on the upside, I'm dropping some pounds because I don't have much of an appetite anymore, so I got that going for me. 

Meh, enough self loathing for tonight. Sorry if this post bummed you out. The one person that's actually reading this, that is.


Shennon said...

Pebs- It gets better it does-- just going through this with Tim after a million years with the same company. Thinking of you. Christines

John said...

Thanks, I appreciate the support. It's just getting tough the longer this goes on. It's really getting down to the nitty gritty and I need to get something soon. I'm pretty stressed right now. I'm trying to avoid letting it get to me, but it's really hard. I'm hoping to hear something, really soon on a couple of positions I've applied for, but word just isn't coming quick enough for me.

Jerry said...

what's wrong with having a monkey on your back?